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Remodels Can Cause Relationship Issues

A new study from home design website Houzz find the stress of a remodeling project can cause couples to keep secrets from one another. The Remodeling & Relationships Survey found that 19 percent of the more than 1,500 survey respondents say they’ve made a significant design or purchase decision during the remodeling project without telling their partner, and 11 percent admit to withholding the cost of a purchase or service. What’s more, 7 percent say they added something in the remodel without telling their significant other first.

Forty-one percent say they found remodeling with their partner “frustrating,” 25 percent say it was “difficult,” and 12 percent describe it as “painful.” The most common responses for strain: agreeing on products, materials and finishes (34 percent); communicating with one another (30 percent); and style and design (29 percent).

After the remodel, 7 percent of couples said they thought they needed couples counseling, while another 7 percent questioned how they ended up with their partner in the first place. Five percent of respondents admitted to considering a breakup or divorce during the remodeling process.

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To minimize the strain remodels can put on relationships, respondents suggested compromise was key (48 percent), followed by agreeing on goals prior to starting the project (38 percent), and making a realistic budget from the start of the project (26 percent). But tensions may be set to clash from the get-go, considering just 20 percent of couples say they have the same style as their partner. 

Despite the relationship problems that remodeling projects can cause, 97 percent of respondents said the result was worth it in the end. The majority of couples reported feeling more comfortable, happier, and organized in their home because of the project. Also, nearly one-third of respondents said they spend more time together at the home because of the completed project. So remodels may not doom a relationship in the long run.

Source: Houzz

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