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Will Gender-Neutral Decor Help Stagers?

Much of the goal of staging is about creating a look for a home that lets anyone envision themselves living there on a home tour. As retailers look to boost sales by providing gender-neutral options for home decor, stagers may find an advantage for creating simple looks that could excite any child.

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Can Home Staging Really Win Over Buyers?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Target plans to introduce a new brand of home decor for children that features designs acceptable to any children.

The newspaper quotes Julie Guggemos, Target’s senior vice president of design and product development: “It was an aisle of pink, fairy princesses, ponies and flowers, and for the boys it was rockets and dinosaurs. Well, you know what? Girls like rockets and basketball. And boys like ponies."

The patterns described in the article are considered "open-ended," with "trees, arrows, astronauts, and bicycles." Additionally, "motifs that traditionally have had a more gender-specific bent, such as basketballs, hearts, and alligators are more up for grabs with more neutral colors such as white, black, and yellow," says the newspaper.

But if your staging includes brands that may appeal to specific children, fear not: The retailer understands the appeal of attracting children through that option. "Target isn’t getting rid of princesses and superheroes," the Star Tribune reports. "It will still carry a large assortment of licensed brands such as Star Wars and My Little Pony in the kids’ home department and apparel."

Source: "Target takes gender-neutral approach with new kids home brand," Minneapolis Star Tribune 

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